The slovenian Castra brewers from Ajdovscina enlisted!

The slovenian Castra brewers from Ajdovscina enlisted!

The slovenian Castra brewers from Ajdovscina enlisted!

Engineer Alan decided in 2015 came up with the idea to start using his brewing equipment, after a visit of several breweries in the United States. His mission is to deliver in his country the best craft beers. The following period he started to visit more breweries in Africa and Scandinavian to learn more about the process of brewing. In 2017 they opened Castra brewery succesfully in Ajdovščina. The local fanbase is growing ever since. But Alan wants more and share his passion worldwide. For that reason he enlisted his brewery on the platform.

Already 130+ breweries

The first 130+ breweries are enlisted from 18 different countries! Craft beer is hot. Brewing is hot. Also the blockchain platform for breweries is getting hot. The enlistments of breweries is going very fast.

We're excited to have also enlisted some winners of the Beer Awards from South Africa, Switzerland and The Netherlands. But also a warm welcome to our homebrewers, nano breweries, steambreweries and local breweries from countries like the United States of America, Argentina, Spain, France, Belgium, Russia, United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Tanzania, Brasil, Germany, China and Thailand.

Enlist also

For the purpose of creating more stakeholders, Brewer's coin is searching for breweries that want to be enlisted for free. It doesn't matter if you are a homebrewer or a commercial brewery, you are welcome on the platform.

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