Selfmade Brewery from Moscow enlisted on the platform

Selfmade Brewery from Moscow enlisted on the platform

Selfmade Brewery from Moscow enlisted on the platform

A couple of years ago you couldn't find local beer brands in any of the hip bars in Russia. It was easier to find an obscure pilsner from Japan than a pint of honest Russian lager. However, the ingrained distrust of homemade products within the country has recently been challenged by a new breed of small-scale craft breweries. These breweries have adventurous production methods and unorthodox flavors. One of the first of these upcoming breweries is Selfmade Brewery from Russia's central capital, Moscow.

Breweries in Moscow

Selfmade Brewery is one of the many breweries in Moscow, the most populous city of Russia with more then 13 million city residents within the city limits. The Selfmade brewery creates various types of beers and loves to create experimental traditional brews. The American Pale Ale beer or the Imperial Stout beer, for example, are recommended by them. If you are visiting Moscow, you're are more than welcome to stop by. If you don't have the time to visit, you can order the beers on Brewer's coin.

It's amazing to enlist the first Russian brewery. We encourage other craft brewers to enlist as well. With our platform we hope to make a contribution to the growing market of Russian craft brewers. Anne Jans, Chief Marketing Brewer's coin

One of the first 100 breweries

Selfmade Brewery also chose to enlist their brewery on the blockchain platform Brewer's coin. Brewer's coin uses the blockchain technology because of the possibilities it offers, specifically the smart contracts that can be build on the Ethereum network.