How South African brewers use blockchain to share their beers worldwide

How South African brewers use blockchain to share their beers worldwide

How South African brewers use blockchain to share their beers worldwide

Set in the majestic village of Franschhoek, known as the wine capital of South Africa, The Franschhoek Beer Co. is the first destination micro brewery of the valley. Their handcrafted beers are made by a dedicated brewmaster with the purest Franschhoek mountain spring water and the best quality imported hops.

Handcrafted bottles of beer

The Franschhoek Brewery uses specialized beer equipment, imported from Italy, to ensure that the superior taste of every handcrafted bottle of beer remains consistent. They never cut corners, never compromise, never say good enough - they only brew beer that beer fans will love.

By enlisting our brewery on Brewer's coin we can share our beers worldwide! Erika McCormack, Franschhoek Beer Co., South Africa

Creating a worldwide beer brand

Franschhoek brewery created a superior quality South African beer that they would like to share with everyone worldwide. By adding their brewery to the blockchain platform they can share their beers with people from all over the world. Brewer's coin is built on blockchain because it ensures that the transactions are secure and transparent. With Brewer's coin breweries are able to sell their beers worldwide to every country and in every currency.

Already 175+ breweries from more than 20 countries

We're excited to have also enlisted some winners of the Beer Awards from South Africa, Switzerland and The Netherlands. But also a warm welcome to our homebrewers, nano breweries, steambreweries and local breweries from countries like the United States of America, Argentina, Spain, France, Belgium, Russia, United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Tanzania, Brasil, Germany, China and Thailand.

Enlist as well

For the purpose of creating more stakeholders, Brewer's coin is looking for breweries that want to be enlisted for free. It doesn't matter if you are a homebrewer or a commercial brewery, you are welcome on the platform.

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