Brand new technological line for the Frambor Brewery

Brand new technological line for the Frambor Brewery

Unpasteurized beer Frambor produces an exceptionally good brewer according to our unique recipe, of the highest quality raw materials, and on a brand new technological line.

Beer Frambor is produced from Moravian malt, mountain beskydian water and Žatec hops. The mashing process itself employs a two-mash decoction method; infusion mashing is not used. Beer Frambor is produced without the use of surrogates, undiluted by water, without chemical stabilization. We adhere strictly all the principles of traditional production, do not permit any cost savings at the expense of beer quality.

We produce lagers of Pilsen type: FRAMBOR 10°, FRAMBOR 11°, FRAMBOR 11° - SILYMARIN, FRAMBOR 12°, FRAMBOR 13° - STRONG BITTER and FRAMBOR 14 HONEY & CANNABIS°.

Packing is Keg 50l, 30l or a can 0,4l, since July 2019.

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