Strong community is important

The platform is rapidly growing, already 211 breweries from 43 countries! We think a strong community is the fundament of our platform. Reason enough, therefore, to start knowing each other more because we can learn a lot from each other. Brewer's coin wants to be a platform for you as a brewer, where you can meet, talk and share tips with other brewers. For example, do you need help on how to brew the tastiest IPA's or Belgian Beers? In our chat channel you can ask and chat with fellow brewers.

So join our Chat Channel!

We have created a chat channel for brewers and beer lovers all over the world. Join our Slack channel by entering your email address in the form below, after which we will send you an invite. Why Slack? It is free and works on all kind of platforms. Also it is a proven technology, lots of people already use it for their businesses and communities. Hope to see you soon!

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You can either use Slack in your browser or visit Slack's download page to download a native client for your platform.


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