The Franschhoek Beer Co

Set in the majestic village of Franschhoek - known as the gastronomic capital of South Africa and top wine destination, we bring you The Franschhoek Beer co - the first destination Micro Brewery to the valley. Our handcrafted beers are made by our dedicated brewmaster with the purest Franschhoek mountain spring water and the best quality imported hops and malt we can lay our hands on to ensure a superior quality beer that is enjoyed by people in the know all over the world. Made from only natural ingredients, our beers are unpasturised and naturally carbonated. Our specialized equipment, imported from Italy, ensures that the superior taste of every handcrafted bottle of beer remains consistent. Never cutting corners, never compromising, never saying good enough, we never only brew beer that we believe you will like – we brew beer that we believe will become your favourite!

Country: South Africa