Cinema Brewers

THE BREWERS We love film. We love beer. And we can’t choose. So we took the Mormon route: we do ‘em both. Yep, that’s the formula: two local filmmakers from Amsterdam brewing beer inspired by movies everyone should have seen. EVERY SIP IS THE START OF A NEW STORY! For us, brewing great beers is both a lot of fun and a tough job. But, as we know firsthand, it’s even harder to get funding for a great new film. We’ve always been grateful for the support we received from sponsors and funds. That’s why we created our very own Cinema Brewers Film Fund. This is the deal: for every bottle you buy, we make a donation to the Cinema Brewers Film Fund. Filmmakers from all over the world send in their shorts, and we choose the most original, creative and touching film. The winner gets a sizable contribution to the production budget of their next great movie. And you still get to empty that bottle.

Country: Netherlands