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The blockchain platform for brewers

Brewer's coin is a secure and transparent blockchain platform for independent breweries to generate sales and awareness.

On this platform you can compare beer, review it and ask feedback from your customers.

Enlist and start building a world wide network of customers.

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Early 2018 - Development
Development of the platform on the ethereum network, making it fast, transparent and safe to sell beer to customers.
Enlist your Brewery - Mid 2018
Breweries register and thus become visible on the platform. The first 50 brewers who sign up will get 50.000 tokens, all for FREE! The 50 breweries that sign up after that will receive 25.000 tokens.
Late 2018 - Brewery profile release
Brewers can customize their profile on the platform: add their beers and magazine articles.
Wallet release - Late 2018
Possibility to create a secure wallet in which you can receive and manage Brewer's coins.
When market is moon - Initial Coin Offering
Beer lovers from all over the world can become supporters by purchasing Brewer’s coins. We will launch our ICO when the market is starting an upwards trend, to give many people the possibility to invest in our platform. In the meantime we work hard on other updates, making sure the platform continues to grow.
Platform release - Early 2019
Breweries can start selling beer on the platform.
Early 2019 - Voting system
Token holders can vote for new features on the platform. The number of tokens owned by a person is taken into account as a weighting.
Reviews - Early 2019
Through the blockchain it is clear from which address a beer has been bought from a brewer, that address can then review the beer via the wallet.
Early 2019 - Premium Token Holders
Based on the number of tokens a brewer has, advantages are granted on the platform, such as extra attention and better visibility in search results.
CPC Advertising - Mid 2019
Tokens can be used to purchase extra attention on the platform by setting up a Coin Per Click (CPC) environment for this purpose.
Meet the

Gerard Oudenampsen

Our Chief Executive is Gerard Oudenampsen. Gerard is an experienced freelance & blockchain developer. You can describe him as an early adopter who saw the opportunities of bitcoin & ethereum solutions. Gerard is the leader who connects the team members around blockchain & marketing.

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Ruud Arentsen

Our Chief Tech is Ruud Arentsen. Ruud has years of experience as freelance developer. You can describe Ruud as a developer who, when awake, is coding. Ruud knows the other team members from previous projects, including game-apps, a recruitment system and a laser tag project with 3D printing technology.

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Anne Jans

Our Chief Marketing is Anne Jans. Anne is a serial entrepreneur and investor with years of experience in marketing. His expertise lies in the area of affiliate and content marketing. It is his mission to prove that blockchain concepts are an important enrichment of our daily life.

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